Jesse Watters Surgery

Jesse Watters Returns to The Five After Back Surgery

Jesse Watters Surgery
Jesse Watters Surgery

Jesse Watters Surgery is back on the show after having back surgery and is doing well. The star was in a lot of pain before he had the procedure and ended up in the hospital for four or five days. He was also given a shot in the back and was given a walker to help him walk again. Luckily, Jesse didn’t need back surgery, which would have kept him on bed rest for several months. It feels good for the actor to be back on his feet.

Jesse Watters’ back injury

Jesse Watters Surgery spent about five days in the hospital after an accident that injured his back. The actor had to go to the emergency room because he could not walk. Upon admission, he was given a shot in the back and was prescribed a walker. Thankfully, he did not need back surgery, as he would have been bed-ridden for months.

After recovering from the back injury, Jesse Watters has returned to his role as host on Fox News’ The Five. The actor was initially on leave because of the extreme injury. He returned to the show on April 25, 2022. However, Jesse had to endure a lot of drama before he could return. The episode shows the moment he was rushed to the hospital. During the episode, he also confessed to inflating the tire on his second wife’s car. His second wife later accepted the offer of Jesse’s ride home.

Jesse Watters was unable to respond to the controversy at first. However, he returned to Fox News on April 25, after recovering from his back injury. The episode of the show aired on April 11, and Watters’ back injury forced him to take time off. The story went viral, and Watters had to explain his absence on air. He later revealed that he had deceived his wife by letting her tires air out and offering to drive her car. While the incident was unfortunate for Watters, it has not made Watters lose his job.

Jesse Watters is a conservative political commentator for Fox News. He was unable to perform his duties as co-host of the show on April 25, 2022. This was an embarrassing episode for him, and many viewers believed he had been fired. Luckily, the back injury was not serious, and Jesse Watters is back on Fox’s The Five regularly.

Jesse Watters’ controversial statement about abortion

Jesse Watters Surgery, a Fox News host, is in the middle of a crisis. Not only is he embroiled in a pro-abortion campaign, but he has also demonized the Muslim community and proposed a controversial travel ban. His comments have created a stir and fueled a firestorm among the Christian community.

Watters slandered a doctor named George Tiller who was cleared by a grand jury, was accused of late-term abortions, covered up child rape, and operating a death mill. He then confronted the attorney of the doctor and slandered him. In addition to attacking Tiller, he was also an Obama donor.

Watters, a henchman for Bill O’Reilly, is well known for his racist segments. One of his most famous ones took place in the Chinatown section of Lower Manhattan. In this segment, Watters mocked Asian-American stereotypes by asking the residents of Chinatown whether they had ever heard of Bruce Lee or The Karate Kid.

But Watters has not stopped bashing Dr. Fauci. In fact, he has suggested that critics of Fauci approach him in public to attack his credibility. The conservatives, however, have criticized Fauci’s credibility by questioning his credentials and accusing him of a political slant.

Jesse Watters’ marriage to Emma DiGiovine

Jesse Watters Surgery
Jesse Watters Surgery

After the divorce of Noelle Watters, Jesse Watters has remarried Emma DiGiovine. The couple first married in 2009, and their marriage was scandal-free for a long period of time. However, Jesse’s new marriage has come with a new scandal. The couple announced the pregnancy on The Five. They are expecting their baby in Spring 2021.

Noelle Inguagiato filed for divorce from Jesse in October 2017. However, the couple’s split was not made public until March 2018, when it was learned that Jesse had been having an affair with Emma. When the affair was revealed, the former couple divorced. Jesse then married his mistress in Naples. Emma and Jesse’s marriage is now in limbo.

Emma DiGiovine was a member of the American Ballet Theatre and a member of her high school sports team. She went on to graduate from Fairfield University in Connecticut in 2010. She then married Jesse Watters in Naples, Italy, and gave birth to their first child, a son named Jesse Bailey Watters Jr. Jesse Watters has previously been married to Noelle Inguagiato Watters, who he married in 2009. The couple had twin daughters, Ellie and Sophie. However, Noelle filed for divorce in 2017 due to the extramarital affair with Emma.

Although Jesse Watters has been married for a while, he has not returned to his job at Fox since the divorce. Despite this, he has discussed the marriage on the air. He was shocked when Noelle revealed on air that she had voted for Obama in 2012, but later learned that Noelle was joking.



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