How Much Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost **2022


How Much Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost **2022 if you’re considering having a breast implant removed, you may be wondering about the cost of breast explant surgery? First, you should consider whether your insurance will cover the procedure. Some insurance plans will only cover this procedure if the implants are medically necessary, such as when the cap has ruptured. If you’re considering explant surgery as a cosmetic option, make sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. You can also ask them about their experience and qualifications.


The cost of a breast explant surgery can vary depending on several factors. Inflammation is one of the most common reasons for breast implant removal, but there are other reasons too, including excessive scar tissue. In these cases, you must be prepared to pay up to $15,000 out of pocket. You should also know that your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of this procedure. Before undergoing the procedure, however, you should first discuss the procedure with your insurance agent.


How Much Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost **2022
How Much Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost **2022



Following breast implant surgery, you may experience pain after the procedure. This discomfort can last anywhere from six to twelve months. After undergoing the procedure, you can return to normal daily activities gradually. Painkillers may also be prescribed to reduce the level of discomfort. Your doctor will discuss pain management options with you. While this pain is normal, you should avoid strenuous exercise for at least three weeks. Light exercise is also recommended after surgery to promote healing.

Recovery time

Whether you are getting a new set of breasts or are removing an existing implant, there are many important things to know about the recovery time after breast explant surgery. This type of surgery is not difficult and will usually only take around 30 minutes. You won’t have much downtime following the procedure and will be able to go back to work or school right away. You may have drains in your incisions after the surgery, but these will be removed during a follow-up appointment. Following post-operative instructions will help you recover faster and avoid complications, including pain medication and stress.

Side effects

Although the procedure is not dangerous, there can be some side effects of breast explant surgery. A hematoma is a collection of blood near the surgical site. This complication can cause swelling, bruising, and pain. It can occur any time an area of the breast has been injured. A large hematoma may require surgical draining. The affected breast may appear smaller than the opposite side. Because breast implants are less firm than silicone, they are more likely to fold and wrinkle over time.

Medical necessity of breast implant removal

Insurance companies aren’t always generous enough when it comes to covering the cost of breast implant removal. Generally, they won’t pay for the procedure unless it is medically necessary. If you’re suffering from chronic breast pain, autoimmune diseases, or anxiety, or simply want to remove the implants because they’re causing you undue stress, you’re not likely to be covered by insurance. However, recent studies have shown that many women with implants are also diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, including lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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