Clermont Twins Before Surgery


Pictures of the Clermont Twins Before Surgery

The Clermont Twins Before Surgery are identical twins who have had plastic surgery to change their appearance. These twins have undergone backside lifts, nose jobs, and even color changes. Read on to find out how they looked before surgery, and how their procedures changed their appearances. We’ve all seen pictures of the Clermont Twins Before Surgery before plastic surgery, but how do they look now?

Shannon and Shannade Clermont are identical twins

Clermont Twins Before Surgery
Clermont Twins Before Surgery

Shannon and Shannade Clermont have been praised for their looks and beauty. They have a huge following on Instagram and have collaborated with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Although they are identical, they are also very similar in personality. Shannon is a former reality TV star and Shannade is a full-time model. Both have an instagram account with over one million followers.

Shannon and Shannade Clermont were born identically and grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. They were raised by a middle-class family. They have a large following on Instagram and are involved in various nonprofit organizations. Shannon Clermont had plastic surgery on her lips, buttocks, and chin. However, their determination and spirit have helped them build a huge fashion empire.

During their reality TV show, The Bad Girls Club, Shannon Clermont and Shannade Clermont became famous, despite their striking physical differences. Since then, the Clermont twins have stepped into the spotlight with many cosmetic surgeries. Both have undergone botox-filled lips and nose jobs. These surgeries have changed their appearance dramatically.

They had plastic surgery to change their noses

After their appearance on the TV show, The Bad Girls Club, the Clermont twins had plastic surgery to change their appearance. The procedure changed the noses and changed the shape of their faces. The sisters also bleached their skin, had Botox and plumped up their lips.

The Clermont Twins Before Surgery underwent multiple nose jobs to alter their appearance. They were given slender noses and their eyes were reshaped. They also had their lips and eyelashes enlarged, and their noses made smaller. While the surgery changed their noses, the twins kept their other facial features, including their ears and cheeks.

After the surgery, the twins were out of the public for months, but returned to the spotlight with a new look. The new look made the Clermont Twins virtually unrecognisable on the red carpet. In one of their most memorable moments, the Clermont Twins respond to a person who posts a photo of them without makeup.

Clermont Twins Before Surgery
Clermont Twins Before Surgery

They had backside lifts

The Clermont Twins Before Surgery have undergone plastic surgery in order to improve their appearances. The two sisters both had backside lifts as well as nose jobs. They have also had Botox filling in their lips and chins. In addition, the twins have a more youthful-looking complexion and claim their breasts are not affected by the procedures.

Shannon and Shannade Clermont are famous for their role on Oxygen’s hit show, Bad Girls Club. While they were recovering from the procedures, the twins later filed a lawsuit against Oxygen, accusing the network of causing them emotional distress. They were not only injured physically, but also suffered emotional distress from the procedures. Despite the traumatic events, both sisters remained feisty and sexy.

The Clermont Twins Before Surgery have a wildly popular following on Instagram and were recently approached by Kanye West to be his model. The duo’s looks were a big draw to the rapper, who wanted to make them look more like Kim Kardashian. Their fame has even led them to endorsing multiple brands and spreading their charm to the world.

They had skin color changes

The Clermont Twins Before Surgery are famous for their many cosmetic procedures. Since their time on “The Real World,” the twins have had skin color changes on various parts of their bodies. These include their boobs, chin, and cheek. They’ve also undergone 20 Brazilian butt lifts.

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, the Clermont twins were dark-skinned, straight girls. The twins decided that they wanted lighter skin, and they underwent plastic surgery to change their skin tone. However, the twins’ plastic surgery took them too far, and the results are far from natural. They now look like caricatures of their former selves.

Shannade Clermont has 1.4 million Instagram followers, and she posted some very risque pictures of herself. Shannade Clermont, on the other hand, racked up thousands of dollars on a dead man’s credit card using his debit card information. The man was found dead of a drug overdose, and Shannade Clermont was sentenced to one year in jail. Today, she is even more ridiculous-looking than she did back in the day, and she has recently posted a video of herself with a lip-enlargement procedure on her Instagram page.


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